Welcome to the August 2019 edition of The Australasian Beekeeper, we have a range of stories that can tickle the underside of a bees belly waiting for the flowers of spring. In this feature rich issue, We look at the beginners experience about starting with bees in the Apiary. Mary Montaut discuses the bees of Notre Dame, and Randy Oliver delivers Part 5 of his series on the pesticide situation, as well as Part 1 on Nosema and does it cause dysentery?

There is a new venom harvesting method that is safe for bees, and we cover an article on how to power up your propolis production. Recent research looks at three articles from the scientific community on Honey bee diseases being a threat to Australia's native pollinators, How a probiotics study shows promise in detecting and treating disease in Honeybees and then how disrupting one gene could be the first step towards treating Nosema cerane. We look at the origins and practice of Skep beekeeping and in A Close Look, Clarence looks at Immunity: Different Sexes and Life Stages alter their Immune System Management based on the combined factors of disease risk and life history

As always, don't miss our regular catch up on the news in the bee world, and connect with other beekeepers via our associations page, this month we feature Part 2.