Welcome to the June edition of The Australasian Beekeeper, we have a range of stories that can tickle the pollen of all tastes in the bee industry. We look at the economics of bee removals in Australia as well as the upcoming potential boon industry in propolis production, and how you can get in on the action. Mary Montaut discuses whether bees need sanctuary and Randy Oliver delivers Part 3 of his series on the pesticide situation.

Recent research looks at two articles from the scientific community on Chalkbrood disease and the effects of Thymol on Honey bee hygienic behaviour. We have articles on educating children about nature, as well as a community story on promoting beekeeping in NSW, a new honey house in a Canberra embassy and we look into if honey bees plan their daily routine.

As always, don't miss our regular catch up on the news in the bee world, and connect with other beekeepers via our associations page, this month we feature Part 2.