Feature Articles

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  • External Attractant Trap for Small Hive Beetle

  • Humming Forager Bees – A Neglected Subject in Honey Bee Communication

  • Establishing Two Queens Instead of one Queen in a Honey Bee Colony - Part I Principles of Introducing and Running Two-Queen Colonies

  • Piping, Tooting, Quacking and now . . . Whooping!

  • Guessing Our Future With Varroa

  • France is the First Country to Ban all Five Neonic Pesticides

  • Bee Friendly Insecticide – Made from Olive Oil, Creating a Buzz around Europe

  • A Closer Look – Impact of Nosema Disease on Reproductive Castes

  • How to Make Rammed Earth Blocks for Blue Banded Bees

  • Recent Research – A buzzy year for Australian honey bee and pollination research & USDA ARS Scientists unlock Small Hive Beetle Genome.