For the July edition of The Australasian Beekeeper we welcome our Christine Joannides in her new role of editor and, we have updates on the happenings from World Bee Day 2019. There is some buzz with the new Australian Native Bee Association that has formed, and for this DIY inclined, we discover how to convert a shipping container into a honey packing room. This month covers the news from Europe on the pesticide ban, as well as a feature article on how bees are reacting to climate change and we have the 4th part of the pesticide situation which looks into how bees are affected during plant bloom and spraying as well as bee flight data and weight gain.

Planning on running a Bee Meeting? We have all the tips for making your groups next one successful. In a Closer Look, we delve into the Mushroom bodies in the Bee brain, as well as looking at Bee counting skills and how Manuka Honey is assisting Cystic Fibrosis infections in our regular magazine feature on Recent Research. There is also articles on the flowering Leatherwood trees decline in Tasmania and the pollination challenge when raising seedless watermelons.

Don't miss our regular catch up on the news in the bee world, and connect with other beekeepers via our associations page, this month we feature Part 1.