August 2013


Meeting the neighbours? Photo courtesy Mark Shinkfield

Meeting the neighbours?
Photo courtesy Mark Shinkfield

  • The Giant on the Horizon
  • Editorial Notes….
    • Copy Deadlines
    • Importation of Queen bee Soon to be Resumed
    • Bee losses unsustainable
    • Asian bees
  • You Know You Are a Beekeeper
  • In The Apiary
    • Honeycomb Built in the Jar
  • NSWAA Conference – International Speaker Presentations
  • RIRDC-sponsored Workshop on Bee Breeding Points to a New Direction for Industry
  • Crystallization of Honey
  • Preparation of Package Bees
  • The Glorious bees
  • Your CliMate at your fingertips
    • New app answers local climate questions
  • CHINA - Part I
  • Women & Beekeeping
  • RECENT RESEARCH – Here and Overseas
    • Honey Bee Genes Changed By Pesticide?
    • Bees And Other Pollinating Insects Are Just One Factor In Food Production
  • Expert Reaction to EU vote on Neonicotinoids
  • Bee Venom Used in Nanoparticles to Kill HIV