January 2016


Jan 2016.jpg

Bee in garden, Mt Cole (Ararat, Victoria) Photo courtesy Kaitlyn Dunne

  • The Season Ahead
  • Editorial Notes….
    • Copy Deadlines
    • Early Copy Deadlines for March and April Issues The ABK
    • RIRDC Training Videos
    • Bees For Development Safari to Trinidad and Tobago
    • Bee Losses in Europe
    • Max Whitten Awarded Sporting Volunteer of the Year, Qld 2015
    • Restricted area for Asian honey bees removed
    • Vita 2015 Photo Competition Result and 2016 Calendar revealed
    • Penalty Notices issued to NSW beekeepers.
  • In The Apiary
    • Nutritional requirements of bees
    • Managing Bees During Drought
    • Pollen Collection by Honey bees and Bumble bees
  • Apimondia Pollination & Food Security: Plenary Session
    • Win-win Scenarios Between Pollinator Diversity and Crop Yield
  • Tocal Field Day – October 24th
  • The Brits are at it again!
  • NSWAA Sydney Branch Queen Rearing Course
  • Understanding Colony Buildup and Decline Part 5
    • Egglaying, Adult Survivorship, and Modelling Colony Growth
  • Nectar Collection/Processing
  • Do Some of These This Year