June 2016

Vol.117, No12

Bees making ‘liquid gold’ on Spotted gum (Corymbia maculata) on the NSW south coast

  • Climate Change is Real and Biting Hard
  • Editorial Notes….
    • Copy Deadlines
    • Postage Increases and Late Subscription Renewals
    • Bee biosecurity officer appointed in NSW
    • Interim Labelling Guide for Manuka Honey
    • European Scientists Discover Bee Resurgence After Banning 3 Pesticides
    • Worried about your neighbour’s use of pesticides?
    • New Zealand running into marketing problems
    • 2016 State Association Conferences
  • In The Apiary
    • Biosecurity Compliance Requirements for the NSW Apiary Industry
  • Queensland Beekeepers Association Inc.
  • VALE
  • Honeybees’ Role In Pollination
    • Are We Overstating Its Importance?
  • Beekeeping in the Kingdom of Tonga on the Islands of Vava’u, ‘Eua, and Tongatapu
  • Book Review
  • Understanding Colony Buildup and Decline Part 8
    • The Main Honey Flow
  • Beekeepers hives destroyed by fire
  • RECENT RESEARCH – Here and Overseas
    • Rising CO2 Levels Reduce Protein in Crucial Pollen Source for Bees
  • Index Vol. 117 July 2015 - June 2016