March 2016

Vol.117, No.9

Honey bee collecting pollen from Portulaca, a small perennial succulent, drought and heat tolerant Photo courtesy John Polley

  • Care Needed in Farming Areas
  • Editorial Notes….
    • Copy Deadlines
    • Postage Increases and Late Subscription Renewals
    • Diesel Fumes are Stopping Bees from Finding Flowers
      • US EPA Releases the First of Four Preliminary Risk Assessments for Insecticides Potentially Harmful to Bees
    • Sentinel Hives Established in Scotland and Ireland
    • Bayer Reverses Stance on Pesticides
    • Male Bees Protect Female Bees From Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • WA Bee Industry Unites
  • Letters to the Editor
    • Re: Hive construction standards
  • Beeswax – Its Importance to the Bees (and to us)
  • The Flow Hive – An Impartial Critique
  • In The Apiary
    • Smoker safety advice
  • Vale
    • Stirling (Sterl) Kershaw (1928-2016)
  • Varroa Mite Exercise
  • Understanding Colony Buildup and Decline Part 7a
    • The Swarming Impulse
  • Tom Seeley
  • Queen Quality
  • Advice for Overwintering Hives