October 2018

October 2018

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  • Australian Honey Bee Industry Dodging Bullets

  • ABK News

    • Honey bee health free smartphone app update

    • Beekeepers File Legal Complaint Against Bayer Over Glyphosate in Honey

    • Correction: New Regulations for Honey Label

    • Tocal Beekeeping Field Day 2018

  • Readers’ Letters

    • Can Bees Move Eggs?

  • In the Apiary

    • Wheen Bee Foundation - Research Apiary Update

  • Pollen analysis of Australian honey

  • Learning Curves in Centralia

  • Modelling NUC Buildup

  • Bees, Beekeeping, and Drought

  • A Closer Look: Worker Honey Bees Begin Their First use of Venom

  • Recent Research – Here and Overseas

    • Pesticides Used in Crop Protection Have a Significant Negative Impact
      on the Learning and Memory Abilities of Bees.


    • Part 2