Honey Supply Manager

  • National Responsibility | Location negotiable to suit applicant
  • Use your industry knowledge to ensure consistent reliable supply
  • Strong focus on customer service and relationship building

The Company
A leading supplier of honey and allied products to the retail and food service markets.

The Position
Reporting to the General Manager - Operations and with a small team it will be your responsibility to ensure that the company has a continued reliable supply of honey by fostering positive relationships between the company and beekeeper suppliers.

The Duties and Responsibilities

  • In summary, the main responsibilities of this position are:
  • To foster positive working relationships between the company and beekeeper suppliers
  • Analysing and documenting issues pertaining to honey supply, including forecasting domestic honey supply availability
  • Assist in nurturing and establishing career paths for existing and new entrant beekeepers
  • Timely feedback on crop forecasts, competitor activity and other field intelligence relating to the company’s operations and honey purchase prices
  • Act as interface between the company and honey suppliers on technical and quality issues
  • Support beekeepers in the development of farm-gate quality systems, and provide audit function where required
  • Assist the honey industry in realising production gains
  • To establish, implement and maintain strategies and plans to encourage positive working relationships between all stakeholders, but particularly beekeepers  

The Selection Criteria
To be considered for this position the knowledge, skills, qualifications and abilities required are:

  • Sound knowledge of the honey supply chain
  • Up to date knowledge of the honey industry’s latest developments, trends, direction, principles and practices
  • Tertiary qualifications in Agricultural Science are preferred but can be supplemented by 5 years plus industry experience
  • Exceptional customer service skills and the ability to build relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Ability to think strategically, lead by example and show strong initiative and tenacity
  • Ability to motivate and drive supplier service standards

The Remuneration
The salary package on offer for this position includes an industry competitive salary, superannuation and a fully maintained company vehicle. Regular intrastate and interstate travel is a requirement of the role.

Location of the Position
It is preferred that the appointee is located at the company’s head office in Brisbane. However serious consideration will be given to an ideal applicant who is located elsewhere and cannot relocate.  

How To Apply
Send your covering letter and resume in MS Word format addressing the selection criteria to john.mills@jnmrecruitment.com.au. 
All applications will be acknowledged by email.
Enquiries to John Mills on 0413 313 038.
Please quote the reference number JNM 1670 in your application.

Preferably submit applications by Monday 14th August 2017.

Varroa jacobsoni in Townsville - Updates from AHBIC

In the two and half months since I last reported there have been no Asian bees found in Townsville. Under the Response Plan the eradication phase of the program ended on 28 February and we now move into the proof of freedom stage. It is anticipated that the proof of freedom stage will last for three (3) years unless there are more findings of Asian bees and Varroa jacobsoni.

In February I spent a day in Townsville talking with the leaders of the eradication response. I was pleased with the discussions I had. Now the proof of freedom stage has been started there will be a reduction in the staffing numbers. Key members of the eradication program will be retained.

Thank you to the industry volunteers who went to Townsville to help out. Your input, particularly in showing the local beekeepers how to carry out sugar shakes, alcohol washes and drone uncapping, were very much appreciated by the local beekeepers. This testing forms an important part of the proof of freedom stage.

One of the staff who will moving onto another job is Roger Winton. Roger came in as the local controller when the Asian bees and V. jacobsoni were first found. I found Roger very easy to work with. So thank you Roger for your work. Best of luck in your new job.

So at this stage I will not be putting out any more information bulletins unless there is a change in the situation in Townsville.

Australian Honey is a Safe Product

There have recently been newspaper articles about Australian honey being contaminated with alkaloids. These are in effect a rehash of issues that were dealt with some 5 years ago, and are both misleading and inaccurate. A comprehensive and detailed explanation/response can be found on the Australian Honey Bee Inductry Council website.

Go to http://honeybee.org.au/australian-honey-is-a-safe-natural-product

BEE SAFE and BEE Prepared videos online

The Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership has produced a series of videos to help raise awareness of work place health and safety for bee keepers and those who are interested in taking up the hobby.

Why do bees sting? https://youtu.be/GtDD-BVuGuY?list=PLFGsRc6SOWFllxlmoOFu0KQl7eS6mARX8

What should beekeepers do to avoid being stung? https://youtu.be/3Toruss7OLY?list=PLFGsRc6SOWFllxlmoOFu0KQl7eS6mARX8

Steps to take when stung by a bee: https://youtu.be/Al1c5XU-5bo?list=PLFGsRc6SOWFllxlmoOFu0KQl7eS6mARX8

How does a smoker actually calm bees? https://youtu.be/Ueafw62fN3Q?list=PLFGsRc6SOWFllxlmoOFu0KQl7eS6mARX8

How can reactions to bee stings become more severe over time?https://youtu.be/ugiUAzz6Mic?list=PLFGsRc6SOWFllxlmoOFu0KQl7eS6mARX8

How can beekeepers select less aggressive bees? https://youtu.be/BoHJVDSTQ24?list=PLFGsRc6SOWFllxlmoOFu0KQl7eS6mARX8