NZ Company Hivemind seeks Crowdfunding to make bee surveillance for hive health more affordable

Hivemind is a NZ developer of innovative beehive monitoring technology for beekeepers.

Hivemind is launching a new Hive Strength Monitor with WiFi that tracks and reports data on hive humidity, bee count, and in-hive and ambient temperature to keep beekeepers informed about the condition of their beehives. They are running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help fund the development and enable hobbyists, pollinators, and researchers to get a special early bird price on the product. To access more information about the both the direction of their programme and the crowdfunding campaign, click here.

Swarming, wasp invasion, varroa bee mite, disease, fungi, extreme temperatures can all seriously affect the hives, so the quicker beekeepers can be alerted to a dramatic change in temperature, humidity, or bee numbers, the quicker they can try and save their bees. Hivemind’s latest innovation will give beekeepers the ideal tool for keeping a remote eye over their bees and take proactive action to ensure their bees are safe and their hives are healthy.

Their flagship satellite version of the monitor is already in commercial use around the world and produces amazingly useful and invaluable data, particularly for beekeepers with hundreds of remote hives. The technology achieved finalist recognition in both the NZ Hi Tech Awards and NZ Innovation awards last year.

However, because satellite communication is costly, Hivemind is developing a more affordable solution that will report data over WiFi instead. And a new smartphone app that will enable beekeepers to check the condition of their hives from their mobile phone, without needing to open the hives and disturb the bees.